Your cake sank, chocolate ganache separated, meringue did not whip properly… Have you ever been there? I have. More times than I can count. Most of them I had no idea what I did wrong, sometimes I cried a bit or got angry, but every failure made me look for answers and dive deeper into baking science.

My name is Rasa, I’m not a chemist or a professionally trained pastry chef (yet), I’m just very passionate about baking and… I like to make my life complicated. So instead of simply following tested recipes, I experiment a lot in my kitchen to find the best ways to make good-tasting desserts, to understand how and why things work (or don’t work) in baking, to develop, test, and perfect my recipes. It’s not a surprise that I fail a lot along the way. And I’m going to share those kitchen disasters and findings with you!

Some of my kitchen principles:
  • I think that baking is more complicated than everyday cooking. Sometimes even a small inaccuracy can change (or fail) the outcome. That’s why I prefer to be precise and measure all my products by weight (no cups please!), so you can get as similar results as possible when following my recipes.
  • Desserts have to look good, but they have to taste even better. I never sacrifice flavor for beauty.
  • I believe that the best desserts are made of simple and natural products. I never use any artificial flavors and avoid food coloring as much as possible. That makes cake decor pretty challenging. Have I already told you I like to make my life complicated?
  • I don’t simply trust everything I read, because there is so much confusing information out there… So I test things.
  • I believe, if I have done something right from the first time, I haven’t learned anything. I was simply lucky. That’s why I am (almost) not afraid to fail. At least in the kitchen.
A few facts about me:
  • I live in Vilnius, Lithuania, in Northern-Central-Eastern (it’s complicated) Europe.
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in publishing, for the last ten years I have been working as a graphic designer and I am still not sure what I’m going to do when I grow up (or when growing up will happen).
  • Not working out for me is pretty much the same as not having a shower. Cycle 100 km in one day is not a big deal for me and it makes me as happy as eating a piece of cake. Cakes get even better after cycling, by the way.
  • I have to say hello to every cat I meet. And one of them even answers! Every time I come home.
  • A cup of good coffee makes my day a lot more beautiful.

If you’ve read all of this, I hope that you will follow my sweet journey at least a bit. I’m still quite far away from where I would like to be as a baker, so we can learn a lot of fun and useful things together along the way!

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